Why a Little Clutter's Okay in Your Home Office

Why a Little Clutter's Okay in Your Home Office


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Clutter is like rust; it never seems to sleep. Strangely, it's not all bad. As specialists in storage design for every part of your home, we're going to surprise you here; we might even shock you: It's okay to be a little messy in your office. You now have a special dispensation for some clutter. Coming from professional organizers, this must seem crazy! But we owe this epiphany to recent psychological studies. Psychology Today discusses psychologists Kathleen Vohs, Ryan Rahinel, and Joseph P. Redden, whose University of Minnesota studies concluded that having a tidy desktop displayed conventionality and the desire to closely maintain societal standards. But individuals who could work in a messy environment proved to be more productive and creative than their orderly, minimalist counterparts. In addition, Psychological Science states the study found that clean, proper desks also promoted generosity and healthy eating, but that the messy workplace gave rise to "out-of-the-box" thinking and stimulated new ideas. The researchers concluded that a disorderly environment helped workers break free from traditions and constraints, with the results being fresh insights. As experts in home office organization in Atlanta, contact Artisan Custom Closets for more information, whether your desk is messy or pristine.


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