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Why Choose Artisan Custom Closets in Nashville?


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Why Choose Artisan Custom Closets in Nashville?

A storage system from a big box store is usually a few inches too tall or short, too wide or too narrow, too shallow or deep, and cannot really provide the storage you need for the actual space in your home. One size really doesn't fit all, which is why Artisan Custom Closets can help you design a custom closet or storage system to fit almost any space.

Unlike national franchises, Artisan can truly customize your design, your style and find solutions within your budget. Because we do not pay franchise fees or royalties, our pricing is among the best you will find in the closet industry and our quality is unsurpassed.

Whether the requirement is a few shelves and drawers or a full walk-in closet or dressing room with lighting, every process starts the same - we meet with you to learn about you and your needs, educate you on our process and products and then come up with a design that will fit your budget and your lifestyle. Whether it's more shoe shelves or more hanging space for your clothes (or both), we can help. We will take exact measurements of your closet (or other area of your home), come up with a 3D view of our design for you to review, select colors, accessories and options and then get you set for the installation of your new custom closet.

Speaking of colors … Artisan Custom Closets has more than 40 base colors to choose from for your new closet in Nashville! Once you've chosen the base color (shelving and vertical panels) you may keep the doors and drawer faces in the same color or you can mix and match with more than 200 colors of doors and drawer faces available. Color mixing has become increasing popular in closets just as it is in kitchens. Think of doing the walls of your closet in one color and choose a complementary color for the island in your closet!

Our 3D views and renderings set us apart from the competition. There are no hidden charges or pricing games, just a straight-forward approach to helping people in Nashville get the closet they've always dreamed of in their home. Our renderings also show the colors that you have chosen so that you can actually see what your new closet will look like once it's complete.

Artisan's closet installers are the best in the business. With an average of 15 years- experience in the closet industry, they know how to complete your job, clean properly and allow you to start moving your clothes back into your closet in as little as one day.

Watch for the grand opening of our new showroom at 55 Willow Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37210 along with some grand opening specials for everyone in the Nashville area. We look forward to meeting you and serving you for many years to come!


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