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Maximize Your Small Space and Home's Potential.

De-Clutter Your Home Sweet Home Strategically.

Your home may be small, but you too can have plenty of room for more fun, people, and things. Sound impossible? Well, then book a free consultation with our team.

See how our custom storage system can transform your small space into a clutter-free sanctuary to make beautiful memories.

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Custom Storage Designs

Solutions Created for Your Lifestyle and to Optimize Your Space.

At Artisan Custom Closets, we can add exceptional organization to your lifestyle and space. Our goal is to provide you with functional yet visually appealing storage systems that maximize every bit of your small home or apartment. Put simply, we strive to keep your tiny home looking spectacular and spacious.

To make this all a reality, our expert design team gets to work with you cohesively. We take advantage of unused and otherwise hard-to-reach areas to leverage the potential of your home fully.

We customize every element for overall efficacy and functionality. This means custom drawers, closets, shelving, sliding racks, rods, and hanging options. We make it easy for you to:

  • Get organized
  • Have the right place for everything
  • Ensure everything is stored and accessible
  • Make a small home or your bedroom appear bigger

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Ingenious Storage Solutions Delivered with Quality Craftsmanship

When you come to us for small space storage solutions, we first sit with you to understand your needs and lifestyle. Accordingly, our design experts help navigate you through the best solutions—customized to your requirements.

To increase storage space, we are ready to go above and beyond. Some of the ways we optimize small spaces include:

  • Custom wardrobes in bedrooms for better accessibility and more storage
  • Built-ins like rods hang bags, ties, and belts
  • Mudroom storage in an entryway just the perfect size to keep everything from clothes to accessories like golf clubs, hats, and gloves perfectly.
  • Shoe trunks with hatch doors for shoe organization
  • Custom shelving inside your closets for extra layers of organization

At Artisan Custom Closets, we are committed to transforming small spaces into incredibly spacious places—displaying and organizing your favorite and frequently used items in easy to reach areas while storing less frequently used things somewhere handy.

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