5 Attached Garage Ideas for Your Contemporary Home

5 Attached Garage Ideas for Your Contemporary Home


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Source: Home Design Lover

Your attached garage has to play several roles. It's a storage space, a place to stow your car, and a sort-of merger between your home and the outdoors. These contemporary attached garage design ideas will ensure it fulfills all of these roles in style.

  • Match the window panes on your garage doors to those on your home. You'll let in plenty of light and create a unified look.
  • Have wooden shelving units built into one wall of your garage. Use matching exposed wood beams in the ceiling. You'll stay organized -- and stylish.
  • Including a balcony over the garage entryway gives you a little more outdoor living space. For the contemporary look, make sure your balcony has clean lines. A plain, white base and simple iron rail look stunning.
  • Consider segmenting the interior of the garage with a half-wall. You can use one side for storage, and the other side for activities.
  • If your garage is tall enough, a loft with an access stairway can add storage space and character while still allowing you to park your car inside.
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