5 Tips to Organize Your Pantry for Holiday Baking

5 Tips to Organize Your Pantry for Holiday Baking


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The holidays are almost here, and that means that you are probably trying to figure out how to organize your pantry before all of your guests arrive for the festivities. Here are some quick and simple tips that will help get everything in order so you can focus on the cooking without having to hunt for the ingredients first.
  • Clean everything out. Take it all off the shelf, and discard old and expired and unusable baking products.
  • Create a "baking zone" in your pantry that is large enough to hold all of your cooking supplies and the utensils you need specifically for baking.
  • Get some clear plastic containers to store your baking goods within. These are great for everything from chocolate chips, flour, and sugar, to those coconut crumbs everyone enjoys.
  • Add a pegboard and hooks, and place your utensils, cookie cutters, and mixer attachments on it. This will make them easy to find and grab when the time comes to use them.
  • Post a list and keep it updated with supplies you need to pick up.
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