Accessorize Your Custom Closet with Innovative Storage

Accessorize Your Custom Closet with Innovative Storage


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Artisan Custom Closets
Source: Artisan Custom Closets.
A custom closet is a sanctuary for fashion, personal items, and even the food you consume. By adding just a few custom closet accessories, you can easily make your closets the most organized spaces in your home. Take a look at these accessories that we recommend to our clients:
  • Baskets - Available in polished or brushed chrome, and even oil rubbed bronze. Installing these is a stylish way to store your clothes, food, or whatever you would like to stash.
  • Task Lighting - Enlighten your closets with battery powered lighting. Task lighting will shine light into every nook and cranny of your closet and can be mounted on either the wall or ceiling. Since they are powered by rechargeable batteries, installation takes just a few minutes.
  • Drawer Dividers - Shelves are a great start at getting organized, and drawer dividers make it even easier. Adding dividers makes storing clothes, food, and other items easier than you have ever experienced.
  • Wall Mounted Ironing Board - You'll never have to worry about toting an ironing board around again. Simply open the door, and down it drops.
When you are ready to add a little extra style and function to your closets, contact our team at Artisan Custom Closets by calling 770-790-5368.


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