Back-to-School Organization: School Supply Storage Bins

Back-to-School Organization: School Supply Storage Bins


Back-to-School Organization, Part 2: Smart Homework Stations

Back-to-School Organization: School Supply Storage Bins

Back-to-school organization is a process, and this is the first in a three-part series of articles that we hope will help you get through that process with flying colors.

These simple and easy to implement ideas are just what you and your child need to make the school year ahead the best you have ever had.

  1. Use paint cans as homework bins. It's a fun and creative solution that will help your child keep their math, English, science, and social studies neat and tidy this fall. Plus, you can paint the outside of the cans to give them a splash of color that will help keep your child motivated during those late-night study sessions.
  2. Install some wall-mounted bins for grab-and-go organization that's easy to reach. This very professional-looking option will help your child keep his notes, homework, schedules, and other papers organized without taking up massive amounts of desk or drawer space.
  3. Set up some wire shelving for your child to keep his shoes, toys, sports equipment, and other necessities of childhood up and off the floor. The nice thing about these shelves is they can be set up and tucked in nicely within the closet or in other areas. This makes them a wonderful option that can make use of areas in the room where furniture simply won't fit.
Going back to school doesn't have to cause you and your family a headache. The team at Artisan Custom Closets has done our homework, and we're ready to help you and your child get yourselves organized. When we're done, all you will have to worry about will be memorizing the quadratic equation and learning all of the state capitals in order. Contact us to learn more about the back-to-school organization services we're sure you will appreciate.


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