Toy Storage Solutions for Kids with Grownup Style

Toy Storage Solutions for Kids with Grownup Style


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Whether your kids' toys and other playthings are stored in their bedroom or a common room in your home, like the living room or den, you can come up with creative kids' room storage solutions in Atlanta that will help you keep your children's stuff stowed away when not in use.

One way to do this is by hanging on to that old furniture you had earmarked for recycling or the dumpster and putting it to better use. If you have an old console table with shelves or drawers, you can re-purpose it as a storage bin in your child's room. Window benches and ottomans also make creative storage spaces for toys and add "grownup" style to the whimsy of turning them into toy bins. Another idea is to use open-topped rattan or wicker bins and add chalkboard labels to them that can be changed, depending upon the contents in the storage tote or bin. If you want some ideas for creating custom closets and storage space in your home, Artisan Custom Closets is here to help. We can help you design the perfect closet set-up or storage system for your home, so contact us today to learn more.


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