Post-Holiday Home Organization for Kids' New Toys

Post-Holiday Home Organization for Kids' New Toys


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When the holidays are over, many people with children feel a need to get organized. It's normal; there are lots of new toys and plenty of old ones. You might need our post-holiday home organization tips. Basking in the yearly afterglow of gift giving, it's the perfect time to get your kids to pay forward the joys of their recent riches by donating the toys they no longer play with to others. Once you've parted with everything that your children will allow, professional storage systems are extremely efficient and attractive, allowing toys to be stored vertically on built-in shelves that are sturdy and durable. Store the most played-with toys in clear, soft plastic bins on the low shelves that your kids can easily access. Put labels on everything, with large writing that's easy to identify and read. Over time, as the dear toys disappear, those same, beautiful built-in shelves will contain their books and collectibles. Make use of hidden storage areas such as under stairs, beds, inside ottomans, and window benches. Children love that inventiveness; it makes putting away their toys fun. Artisan Custom Closets specializes in the perfect high-end storage solutions for toys and everything else dear to your heart. For more information about what we can do in your home, contact us today.


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