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Closet Design Inspiration: Ideas for Creating Your Dream Closet


5 Reasons Why a Custom Closet Design Can Transform Your Life

You use your closet daily, so shouldn't it be a space you're excited to walk into? Also, your dream closet should be easy to navigate and keep organized, even with constant use.

But before browsing different bedroom closet ideas, you must consider how you'll use your closet daily. These are the first questions you should ask yourself:

  • How much available space do you have? Measure the room so that you know what you're working with.
  • What items do you need to store? Take time to categorize what you'll have in the space: blouses, boots, bags, etc.
  • How many items do you need to store? If you have an abundance, seek alternative storage for off-season items to make space in your usable wardrobe.

Make the Best of Awkward Architecture

Closets are sometimes an afterthought in home design. This can lead to some nooks and crannies that often waste space. But even a small, awkwardly shaped closet can still be a big asset, and a few minor design choices can maximize the space and make it look, feel, and organize like a walk-in:

  • Arranging clothes by color makes them feel less cluttered and clustered.
  • Sticking with lighter colors is better to keep the space open and airy. Sloped ceilings can be conquered with custom shelving and built-ins that go with the architectural flow.
  • Take advantage of a very narrow space by building upwards. A wardrobe lift can also save floor space while keeping your clothing easily accessible.
  • Rather than invest in deep shelving, opt for a continuous rackĀ­-not one or two rods or hooks.
  • A custom pull-out rack will neatly store your hats, bags, and scarves regardless of the wall shape.

Accessorize with a Purpose

So many closet accessories look great while simultaneously making the space more functional. To list just a few of our favorites:

  • Hidden, built-in LED light pucks and ribbons that illuminate shelving or lighted rods to shed light on your wardrobe are eye-catching and practical.
  • Jewelry enthusiasts might consider drawer inserts with an acrylic grid to separate accessories. We can also design custom wardrobe drawers lined with felt to display and organize your collection.
  • Pivot mirrors can hide shoes and large wardrobe items with ease.
  • Baskets and bins that match the vibe and color scheme can tuck away out-of-sight delicates and others while contributing to the room's design.

Timeless Bedroom Closet Ideas

While some trends come and go, some closet design ideas aren't going out of style anytime soon.

Pops of Color: A runner or round rug. Painted wardrobe handles or knobs. An accent wall or funky wallpaper.

These are all incredibly simple ways to make your closet fun and personalized! Once you've pinned down the color or color scheme that fits you, you can get creative and have fun with your home project.

Rustic, Farmhouse Style: Natural wood tones, warm colors, and a subtly distressed look are all commonplace in rustic designs. Not sure how to incorporate this trend into your closet? Here are just a few ideas:

  • A sliding barn door will save some space while adding charming farmhouse decor to your bedroom and closet.
  • Combine distressed, reclaimed wood matched with pops of primary reds, blues, and yellows.
  • Install iron or brass fixtures (hooks, doorknobs, or light fixtures).

This trend is about cozy imperfections, so don't stress the details.

Chic and Modern: Alternatively, a modern closet is all about clean lines and everything tucked into its place. Wardrobes that hide hampers on shelves and pull-out vanities that hide makeup and accessories are common here. Mirrors and lighting are often the focal points.

Cool-toned blues, grays, or tans should be secondary to a majorly white color scheme. While black is also very chic, it will make any space feel cramped and any mess sticks out like a sore thumb-so stick with white for your closet.

And that's only a brief overview of how you can transform your closet into your dream closet! After serving over 20,000 in the last 10+ years, we're confident that we can make any bedroom closet ideas you have a reality. Visit our website today to see what we can do and to schedule a free consultation!


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