Get Organized: Tackle Your Basement Storage

Get Organized: Tackle Your Basement Storage


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It's the perfect season to organize the basement. As daunting as it seems, creating storage down there will be a lot easier with some good basement organization tips:
  • Begin with a purge. Clean everything out. Go through every item, and either donate, throw away, or sell anything you haven't touched in six months. Be tough.
  • Plan for safety. Construct any new shelving with heavy duty 2x4 studs and paintable plywood sheeting. Measure for your bins or storage boxes, and don't place heavy items above five feet.
  • Design your storage layout with tape on the floor first. Test the traffic pattern, accessibility, and proximity to stairs before you build shelves. Utilize the spaces underneath stairs for built-in cabinetry.
  • Put storage in and around your utilities to keep costs down, including the areas around your plumbing, HVAC, electrical, etc.
  • Organize your storage, and use clear containers, plastic bins, and large, transparent, specialty storage bags that resist moisture. Label everything. Consider a dehumidifier to further protect your storage areas.
  • Get creative with wall storage. Use magnetic systems for tools, pegboard, and hooks for a large assortment of items, as well as hanging wire racks.
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