Great Laundry Room Organizing Suggestions

Great Laundry Room Organizing Suggestions


Top Features for Laundry Areas and Mudrooms

a laundry room with custom made storage options
Image: Artisan Custom Closets

Recently we wrote about how Better Homes and Gardens offers stylish labels for your laundry room organization, but that's not all they offer. The magazine also has a great slideshow online on "15 Ways to Make Laundry Day Easier," and we suggest you check out. Having a surface for folding clothes and having bins for each person in the household are just a couple of their suggestions for laundry room organizing. Head over to to see all their ideas.

If you're interested in custom laundry room storage options in the Atlanta area, look to Artisan Custom Closets. You can visit our website or give us a call at 888-436-2019 to find out more.


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