Hamper Styles to Match Your Custom Closet Design

Hamper Styles to Match Your Custom Closet Design


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Hamper Styles to Match Your Custom Closet Design
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

Creating the perfect closet space is not just about storing your freshly laundered clothing; worn clothing also needs to be stored prior to being washed and returned to its proper place in your closet, which makes the right hamper essential to your closet storage solutions in Florida Panhandle.

According to our professionals at Artisan Custom Closets, choosing the right hamper for your closet begins with deciding whether you want your hamper in plain view or hidden away. The second consideration is the amount of space you have available for it:

  • A wooden upright chest-style hamper that stands alone is ideal for a large walk-in closet space. Placing it next to an island unit makes it easy to access without becoming a central feature.
  • In a smaller closet space, you might want to consider a wicker basket hamper that can be placed in a purpose built cubby hole.
Both styles can be purchased in a range of sizes to meet your individual needs and the space you have available.
  • If you prefer a hidden solution, consider having a tilt-out hamper built into your unit. Once the clothing is placed in the hamper, the door is closed, and the closet is kept tidy. Tilt-out hampers can be designed specifically to meet the size and design of your closet. Using this type of hamper is ideal if your floor space is limited. Laundry is easily separated prior to washing as the tilt-out options can be created with several individual compartments.
  • Another hidden option is a hanging laundry bag. These are perfect for very small spaces and can be hung from almost any door or purposely installed hooks in the wall of your closet.
For more information and advice on the ideal closet storage solutions for your Florida Panhandle home, contact us today.


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