Hiring a Closet Designer: Evaluating a Company's Reputation

Hiring a Closet Designer: Evaluating a Company's Reputation


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Hiring a Closet Designer: Evaluating a Company's Reputation
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

You wouldn't let just anyone design your closet, would you? In order to ensure that you get the quality and professionalism you desire, it's important to evaluate a company's reputation before you sign a contract. Follow these tips to learn how to hire a closet designer.

When you find a closet designer that you are interested in possibly hiring, the first thing you should do is begin asking a lot of questions to really understand the company's reputation. Pose questions to help you evaluate a company's reputation, including:

  • Ask how long the designer has been in business. This is an easy way to determine just how experienced a company is.
  • See if closet design is the company's specialty. A company that offers a full range of remodeling services might not have the same level of expertise as one that specializes just in custom closets.
  • Request recent customer references. If others are happy with the company's work, chances are you will be, too.
  • Inquire about licenses and certifications. In order to protect your home and property, it's important that you only work with a licensed and certified designer. Ask to see proof of licensing before you sign a contract.
At Artisan Custom Closets, we're upfront and transparent when it comes to our company and reputation. We list each team member's experience online, making it easy to ensure that your particular designer is knowledgeable. We also offer client reviews online for your easy reference. Contact us now if you would like to ask additional questions about our designers, policies, and past work.


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