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How Do You Maximize Storage in a Mudroom?


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If your mudroom is becoming too cluttered for you to move around, then it's time to get organized. Although mudrooms are great for keeping all your outdoor items and anything else you don't want to clutter the rest of your home, they can become full quickly. Besides, if they're not properly organized, you and your family will waste time looking for what you need. It's not ideal if you're in a rush. So, here are some tips for maximizing storage in your mudroom.

Hang Things Up

Hanging items up is one of the most efficient ways to utilize your walls. This can be as simple as hanging coat hooks to make the most of your wall space or as complex as building custom closet organizers.

Hanging coats and other items up makes it easier to find them and it frees up floor space so you can get to them with minimal effort. It also makes sense to switch the coats, outerwear, and other items you use the hooks for. So you can pack away summer apparel in winter, and vice versa.

If there's wall space available, make sure it's being used before you look into other options, such as shelving units or mudroom storage cabinets (which we'll talk about later).

Use Vertical Space

There are lots of ways to use vertical space. You can build shelves into the walls, so these aren't in your way. You can also install hooks above a bench or table and use the space under your bench for storage. If you have space above your mudroom bench, consider installing an upper shelf for additional storage. Many of these options can make the room look stylish if done right. Although you don't use the room for entertaining guests, it is the first glimpse they get of the inside of your home.

Make The Most of Your Space

Mudrooms are rarely as spacious as you would like them to be, so it helps make the most of the space you have. Here are some suggestions.

  • Install shelves that can be easily reached but won't cause an obstruction.
  • Invest in a shoe rack.
  • Use a coat rack.
  • Use a shelf with baskets or bins (for smaller items) to protect from dust and potential damage.

Items that are unlikely to be used for several months can be stored in parts of the room which are obstructed by more frequently used items.

Add Furniture That Doubles as Storage

Furniture may seem unnecessary, mainly if your mudroom is tiny. Yet, there are several ways to incorporate furniture that doubles as mudroom storage.

  • A bench with storage creates additional seating in the space. If you want to add some flair, look for one with compartments for storing shoes and other items.
  • Add baskets and crates since they can be used for storing small items.
  • Built-in cabinets, shelves, or cubbies that can maximize the wall space efficiently.
  • Hooks and hangers that can hang coats, bags, and umbrellas.

A Bench with Hidden Storage

A mudroom bench with storage is an excellent option for entryways or bedrooms. The bench not only acts as seating but also offers additional storage space for shoes, bags, hiking gear, and anything else you want to find quickly. You might choose to use it for storing winter coats during summer.

Add More Seating

If a mudroom storage bench isn't your style, there are other types of furniture that you might prefer. Woven baskets or ottomans are great for storing shoes, while ottomans that can be used as tables are also perfect for storage. If you have children in the house, woven baskets are an excellent way to keep toys organized and out of sight when guests don't want your home to look messy. They look stylish too.

Hopefully, you now have plenty of ideas for how to maximize your mudroom. However, if you're still looking for inspiration or want help getting the proper storage, Artisan Custom Closets can help. They have experience in providing stylish and space-effective storage for people like you.


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