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How Much Does a Custom Closet Cost?


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The decision to purchase a custom closet is an exciting one. At last, you can have that dream walk-in space or pantry you have always wanted. But as soon as you decide to go forward and order a bespoke closet, a logical question arises, "What is the average cost of custom closet designs and installation?"

How Much Does a Custom Closet Cost?

Unfortunately, the answer is not instantly available upon request. Why is this? When it comes to custom closet cost estimation, the emphasis here really falls on "custom."

In any field that deals with bespoke orders, especially cabinetry and closets, the ultimate cost depends on various factors unique to every customer's wants and needs. It is also influenced by the services and materials the closet company provides.

How Materials Affect Price

One of the first and most important things that influences cost is the material used to craft a tailored closet. Naturally, the end product will undoubtedly be more costly if more expensive materials are used, like walnut wood or leather.

However, this does not mean you must settle for cheap-looking or poor materials because you believe that's the only option. There are high-quality options available that not only look great but also produce affordable custom closets.

One of the most popular materials for custom closets is Melamine, or TFL (thermally fused laminate). This laminate is forged by heat-sealing plywood, wood, or fiberboard between thermally fused resin paper. As a homeowner, melamine offers you a variety of benefits such as durability, affordability, and, most importantly - a tendency to look brand new for an extended period.

The Size of The Closet

Naturally, the size of the closet will affect how much material, time, and labor are required to produce the end product. This, in turn, will influence the costs.

The designer will look at things like the footprint of the custom closet per square foot, height, depth, and the type of features included in the design. The amount of materials used will also be considered. The shape of the closet can also affect the price as unusual shapes, nooks, corners, and sloped ceilings all require experts to design and build.

Accessories and Add-Ons

Minimalist designs are currently very popular with homeowners, not just because such closets look beautiful and modern but also because they tend to be more affordable.

On the flip side, there is nothing wrong with the desire to own a custom closet that has all the bells and whistles to make your life easier. You can add shoe racks, accessory pins and drawers, extra shelves, mirrors, and more. But remember that all of these extras will contribute to a higher-end cost.

Why Do You Need to Talk to An Expert?

Probably, you have plenty of ideas you want to see come to life in your new closet! As exciting as that is, there are several benefits to partnering with someone with extensive industry experience.

When you share your ideas with an expert, they can help you organize them more effectively and suggest changes to make them better and more affordable. If you want more frills, an expert can suggest functional designs and features you might not have thought of!

In short, an expert can navigate all the intricacies of designing, ordering, and building a custom closet. This guidance provides a seamless process and a bespoke space you are happy with.

Artisan Custom Closets

At Artisan Custom Closets, our team is comprised of design and installer professionals with years of experience in the closet industry. We are genuinely passionate about every customer's vision. From the design stage to the finished product, Artisan Custom Closets delivers quality and support every step of the way.

Contact us to discuss your ideas or to learn more about what influences custom closet pricing. We can even do a closet remodel cost estimate if you want to alter an existing space in your home.


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