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How to Build a Custom Closet in a Small Bedroom


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Tight spaces can be tricky — especially if you're trying to store your belongings. Maybe your apartment has an inch-deep closet, or your new house didn't come with that luxury walk in closet. But storage doesn't have to be complicated. There's a quick fix that's easier than you think: build a closet.

It's true: you don't have to be a star to have your custom closet in your room. Sure, they might not be as large or have a secret door or floor-to-ceiling ladder, but they can add some pizzazz and practicality to any room needing a makeover. Artisan Custom Closets has the solution for your storage needs when there isn't enough space or your place doesn't come with a closet.

Here is your ultimate guide to building your custom closet.

Evaluate Your Needs and Wants

First, it's crucial to have a vision. Ask yourself what you want and need out of the space. Maybe you need shelves to stack t-shirts or an extra shelf to display your purses.

There are plenty of smart and small configurations for small bedrooms to create a built-in closet. You can add a hanging clothes rack, closet cabinets, and other furniture in one corner, or shelves to a blank wall or small nook.

It's crucial to start with a vision — and a budget — to stay on track or communicate that with your designer.

Find A Personal Designer or Become Your Own

You don't have to be on an episode of Netflix's The Home Edit to have someone help bring your vision to life. Maybe you're an expert and can handle it, but closet designers are real!

Working with a designer starts with a consultation where they will look to understand your current storage problems and how they can help.

They will also be there every step of your closet process, from choosing storage configurations and cabinet colors to the final reveal.

Select Your Storage

Choosing storage types typically comes easy: it's based on needs. If you're currently living in a small studio apartment, add a compact clothing rack, a short rack hanging from the ceiling, or storage cabinets under your bed. If you have more space to work with, maybe you can add a built in closet by using wood planks (although this might take a lot of effort and expertise to properly pull off). Add some floating shelves if you want to display some fashion-forward items.

Whatever you do, make sure you aren't building too shallow shelving or a closet system that isn't the correct height. These are easily avoidable mistakes, especially if you have a design consultant. You want to build a narrow closet in tight spaces, so it's vital to design smartly. For example, do not place hanging on both sides of the closet if it is less than 72 inches wide. Why? Because hanging items are about 22 to 24 inches wide, so you won't have enough walking space. And for shelving, make sure it's at least 14" deep.

If you're looking to store pairs of jeans or heavy sweaters, opt for a shelf because these bigger clothing items often take up too much drawer space or hang them if you have enough space to spare.

Small bedrooms require thinking outside the box sometimes. But once you have decided what storage you need, it's time to get creative with the fun stuff.

Choose Your Color and Textures

Once you've figured out the basic design, it's time to choose the fun stuff. What color wood do you want? Hardware? Paint color? Wood? Rattan? This is where you can create in the process.

Many designers will then present a customized CAD design of the vision for your dream closet. The 3D drawings help you see how different wood grains, colors, and textures will look in your current space. It will also help you see how other door and drawer styles will look in your room.

Storage solutions require thinking about how to utilize small spaces best and make them aesthetically pleasing while you're at them. Take advantage of every nook in your bedroom to create storage opportunities. Experts can help you reimagine your space and find the best possible construction for all your storage needs.

Check out our services and request a free, in-home consultation with Artisan Custom Closets today.


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