How to Get the Kitchen Pantry in Order

How to Get the Kitchen Pantry in Order


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Image: Artisan Custom Closets
Is your pantry one of the spaces in your home that hasn't been organized in a long, long time? To help make it easier for you to tackle this project once and for all, we want to point you in the direction of Real Simple magazine's handy "Pantry Organizing Checklist." Essentially, the list guides you through getting the pantry in order, from going through the items in the pantry now and how to store the stuff you're keeping to taking advantage of extra storage space and considering helpful things to have on hand, like a stool to help reach the top shelves. Head over to Real Simple to see the whole checklist and start getting your kitchen pantry to be more manageable. If you're interested in custom pantry shelving for your Atlanta-area home, contact Artisan Custom Closets today or visit our website to find out more about our pantry storage solutions.


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