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Kitchen Pantry Ideas for Small Spaces


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Owning a house comes with many responsibilities and also lots of shared spaces. Shared spaces can become tricky to deal with because of how quickly cluttered they can get. However, this clutter can be avoided when you take charge and maximize your space. Maximizing your space allows you to add a personal touch and be well on your way to your dream kitchen pantry.

Whether you have a tight budget, a small kitchen pantry space, or you need a spark of inspiration, your organizational dreams are far out of reach. We've put together a few ideas for pantry organization that you may use in your future space.

Pantry Ideas for Small Kitchen:

When organizing your small space in your kitchen pantry, you need to ask yourself how you will utilize the space you have. We've come up with a list to help you get started:

  • Map out a Plan. Before you grab bins and shelves and get carried away, ensure you have the space first. Whether you use an organization app, a list, or a small notebook, planning your space and where you want things to go will help you later when shopping for organization bins and containers.
  • Stick to a Firm Budget. Once you figure out a plan, develop a budget. Hop online and look for deals, and compare prices between different stores. As you skim other websites, start adding things to your cart so you aren't surprised by the total, and don't budge on the budget unless you can.
  • Get to Pantry Planning. Once you've purchased your bins, shelves, and other supplies, it's time to start. Start by clearing the pantry so you can see what space you are working with, and clean the area. Once you've done this, you're ready to begin your kitchen pantry transformation.

Once you find the small kitchen small pantry ideas you prefer, you can now start organizing. With the shopping and prepping of the space now complete, you're ready to begin to categorize and group things. Here are some ideas to get started and start implementing pantry solutions:

  • Choose your Categories. When it comes to labeling and sorting, choosing your categories is essential. You can sort by type, name, or even expiration date. Sorting things into categories will help you keep track of your items and keep things nice and neat.
  • Utilize Corner Space. There are many corner kitchen pantry ideas for utilizing your corner space. If you have a corner pantry or a lonesome corner needing to be used, you can use things like Lazy Susan's to fit those awkward corner spaces. Switching from bulky boxes to slim containers is another efficient option for organizing your pantry. Swap large boxes, opt for thin cylinder jars, and switch from bags to airtight food storage jars. By making these small changes, you can make your pantry's quality and food last longer.

One popular design trend is installing wire storage racks in custom closets. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't opt for one:

  • Make your kitchen look cluttered and messy.
  • Take up valuable wall space that could be used for cabinets or shelves.
  • Be challenging to clean and maintain.
  • Not match your kitchen d├ęcor or style.

Kitchen Pantry Door Ideas:

Want to make a statement but keep functionality within your pantry door? We've listed a couple of options if you're torn on what door you want:

  • Sliding Pocket Door. This is the perfect solution if your pantry can't fit an entire door, but you still want some separation. Sliding pocket doors are stylish but also connect pantry spaces.
  • Paned Glass Door. Use a paned glass door to give people a peek at your pantry display. These doors are perfect for letting in that beautiful, natural light and can help modernize your pantry space.
  • Swinging Barn Doors. Bring in the comforting, rustic charm by incorporating some natural wood tones. Swinging barn doors create easy access, but the wood detailing will add character and warmth to any pantry space.
  • Sliding Barn Doors: If you want to save space and add some rustic flair, sliding barn doors are a great option. These doors slide along a track and can be customized with different colors and hardware. Sliding barn doors can also create a cozy and inviting pantry space.

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