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How to Maximize Storage Space with a Custom Closet Design


Adding Custom Design to an Existing Walk-in Closet

Do you have piles of clothes with nowhere to hang them? Shoes that pile up by your closet door? How about linens but no dedicated linen closet? If so, you aren't alone. Almost everyone could use more efficient storage in their home.

But where to find that storage space? In the rooms you already have! Maximizing your home storage options with a custom closet design is easy. A closet designed for your needs can give you more storage than you thought possible.

A more organized home can also give you a little peace of mind. When household items don't have a designated space, rooms can quickly become crowded or unusable. And worse, a disorganized room can make you feel stressed. Maximizing your storage space with a custom closet is one way to put things where they belong and feel good about them.

What If I Don't Have the Space for A Big Closet?

If you're living in a small apartment or studio, you're probably feeling the struggle with efficient storage. And given your space limitations, a modular closet might seem like it won't work for your home.

Luckily, custom closets are great options for small spaces. The benefit of a custom design is that it makes the most of the space that you have. Even a small space has the opportunity for unique storage solutions.

So, it doesn't matter if you're in an apartment or a multi-bedroom home. Custom closet design can be the answer to any storage problem!

How To Maximize Storage Space with A Custom Closet

Creating a custom closet allows you to optimize your storage space according to your needs and preferences. With clever design and organization strategies, you can maximize every inch of your closet, making it more functional and efficient. Here are some practical tips on maximizing storage space with a custom closet.

1. Make Use of Cabinets

Closet cabinetry can easily build helpful storage into just about any closet space. Most closets, however, come with cabinets that are small and inefficient. And many closets don't have any cabinets, leaving you with items with nowhere to go.

A custom closet design is the best way to incorporate closet cabinetry that easily fits your needs. That way, you can maximize your space rather than wishing it was bigger. You can choose your ideal closet cabinets, including various sizes, shapes, and colors, to fit any design scheme.

2. Use Organizer Systems

When optimizing your closet space, an organizer system is an easy decision. These systems use drawers, hanging rods, shelves, and other accessories to create a custom space for your items. This might mean extra baskets or shelves for your table linens or kitchen gadgets in a pantry. You might want an organizing system in a craft room with big bins for craft supplies.

A closet organizer systems with drawers is efficient because you gain dedicated space for your items, even bulky or hard-to-store pieces. Whether you need to store shoes, hats, or handbags, you can use closet built ins to create a dedicated space.

3. Design For The Space You Have

High ceilings? Weird wall cut-out? Awkward room dimensions? Every home has quirks; sometimes, they impede optimizing storage space.

But a custom-designed closet, pantry, or workspace can make almost any quirk work for you. Designers can use custom shelving, rods, drawers, and other accessories to work around any existing features of your home, no matter how odd or unexpected.

4. Don't Forget Closet Accessories

There's a lot of wasted space in conventional closets. But with clever accessories, you can use those overlooked spaces and maximize your storage opportunities.

For example, accessories like pull-out racks can easily store ties, belts, and other items that have never had a designated home in your closet. Custom jewelry drawers can be the answer to a jewelry collection that you want to keep safe. You can even build charging stations into your closet or pantry drawers to make charging an easy part of your day.

A custom closet design can help you maximize the storage space in your home. Whether you want to revamp storage options in your mud room, home office, or clothes closets, there's likely a creative solution. Let our designers help you maximize your spaces! Reach out to us at Artisan Custom Closets for more.


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