How to Organize Your Pantry for Healthy Eating

How to Organize Your Pantry for Healthy Eating


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Does your pantry look more like a pile of food items than an organized system? Finding what you need and eating healthy become easier when everything in your pantry has a place of its own. Follow these tips to effectively organize your pantry for healthy eating:

  • Place healthy items in the middle: Your eyes focus on items in the center first. By placing healthier items in the middle of your pantry shelves, you make yourself more likely to reach for these than the unhealthy chips and crackers you placed along the sides.
  • Throw away the junk: If you can't keep yourself away from the junk food, keep the junk food away from you. Go through your pantry and do a complete purge, tossing anything that is not healthy. If the packages are unopened, donate them to a local soup kitchen.
  • Divide the pantry into zones: Label these zones, and create one for unhealthy foods. Remember not to reach for foods in that unhealthy food zone.
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