See Why a Wall Hung System is the Right Solution for Your Closet

See Why a Wall Hung System is the Right Solution for Your Closet


How to Make Your Closet Feel Like a Luxury Space

See Why a Wall Hung System is the Right Solution for Your Closet
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

If you're thinking that your closet could use a makeover, we can help you at Artisan Custom Closets.

We specialize in helping our customers successfully organize their closets by installing closet systems with organization in mind. Consider why a wall hung custom closet in Miramar is a great option for your closet. This wall hung system has vertical panels that are curved, designed for both safety and appearance. There's no accidentally bumping into sharp edges and hurting yourself, and the curved design looks polished and elegant. It is easier to vacuum your closet when you have a wall hung closet system. Since the panels don't go all the way to the floor, there's no trying to vacuum around edges, allowing free access to vacuum your closet floor. Installing this type of organization system does not require the removal of baseboards, which makes installation quicker and easier. This wall hung system does not affect your flooring in any way. We strive to bring you the best in customer service and a stress-free experience. We want you to be pleased with our products and your experience with us. We design and create beautiful custom closets that are high quality yet affordable. There's no charge for the initial design consultation. As a customer, you will get to choose the final finish and accessories that you would like. We have proudly been designing and installing custom closet systems since 2008. We also provide organization designs for pantries, garages, laundry rooms, and more. Our staff is experienced and can help you come up with organization solutions that you will be happy with. If you're interested in installing a wall hung custom closet in Miramar, Pensacola, Panama City, or anywhere in between on the Emerald Coast, contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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