The Five Biggest Wastes of Space

The Five Biggest Wastes of Space


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The Five Biggest Wastes of Space in a Master Closet

Chances are, you've got a ton of clothes, accessories and shoes and not a ton of room to store it all in. That's okay. We're all pretty much in that boat. Which is why it's so essential to get rid of space that either isn't used or isn't functional. So, go ahead, peek into your master closet. Do you see anything teetering over in piles, empty air between hanging items, things that are hard to reach, clothes hanging over shelves or shoes on top of shoes? Great, let's talk about custom closet solutions to make it all better.

  1. Under the ceiling. Under-utilized.

In a traditional closet, this space can be a no man's land of clothing piles or shoe stacks that are unorganized and impossible to reach without a ladder or a basketball star's vertical jump. Or it's simply empty space occupied by nothing but the occasional spider. We recommend deep, top shelves partitioned for things you need to hold onto but don't use very often, like purses that only come out for formal galas. Rather than using up prime real estate for these items, top shelving keeps them ready, separated and out of the way.

  1. Let's get deep.

Often the closet shelving that comes with a home is simply too narrow. Thick sweaters and men's shoes hang over and can fall down when retrieving them. Plus, there's a huge difference between the shelving width and the hanging items, which usually require even more width. And wire shelving is problematic with heels that can get wedged between the wires. We recommend a solid 14" shelf to easily accommodate folded items and large shoes. And if you want to keep hanging items behind doors, you'll need to go up to 24". When it comes to shelves, deeper is better.

  1. Beauty is in the eye level of the beholder.

A lot of times, even if you have the right space you may have the wrong items occupying it. When you enter a master closet, you don't want to search. You want to grab and go. Which means that the things you reach for most often should be in your immediate reach range. Take a lesson from grocery shelves. They put the items they want you to buy most at eye level because they're the easiest to see and reach. You should do the same with your closet. Prioritize from eye level and out, with your everyday items easy to see and your once in a while items higher and lower.

  1. Shoes are like rabbits.

We love our shoes. And we tend to hold on to them for a while, just in case 'that style' comes back again, so they tend to multiply rapidly. But we hate to store them. They don't stack well, they don't even sit easily, and they're hard to organize. We recommend flat or diagonal shoe shelves for displaying your favorite pairs within easy reach and pull-out drawers for your backups. That way, your shoes become like professional baseball players. If something in the backup drawer becomes a favorite, you can bring it up from the farm team drawer to the major-league shelf.

  1. Hanging space you can't hang with.

Most old-school closets have a hanging rod or two on each wall and not much else. Which leaves a lot of room above, below and in between your hanging items. Especially if his and hers clothing are dramatically different in sizes. We recommend putting hanging rods in between shelving to separate similar clothing types and sizes. This makes them easier to find and more efficient to store. Plus, you can place the same type of hanging clothes next to their shelved item partners for better organization all over your master closet space.

By creating custom closet solutions to reduce these space wastes, you'll have more room and smarter placement for all of your clothing, shoes and accessories. And an easier, stress-free closet experience. Getting rid of wasted space is never a waste of time. For more custom closet ideas and solutions, just contact Artisan Custom Closets.


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