The Impact of High-End Custom Closets on Home Value

The Impact of High-End Custom Closets on Home Value


Accessorize Your Custom Closet with Innovative Storage

Artisan Custom Closets
Installing a couple of high-end custom closets in Atlanta is an excellent way to give your home a little extra value. It will boost the bottom line on your home's resale value while providing invaluable storage space that is always organized. Here are some custom closet tips that really go the distance in adding a few extra dollars to your home's bottom line:
  • Think purposed organization. Give everything its own place and prepare the closet features so they are modular. That way, if future owners want to replace your shoe rack with a wall mounted ironing board, all they have to do is replace one module with another to fit their needs.
  • Don't skimp on lighting. Closets have a reputation for being dark and dingy. A brightly lit closet will immediately stand out from the others prospective buyers will come across. Let your closet shine above the rest.
  • Open it up. You can turn even the smallest closet into a palatial storage space by incorporating the right closet accessories. This will make it seem larger, and therefore, more valuable.
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