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The Role of Lighting in a Custom Closet Design


Organizing Your Closet for Maximum Productivity

Designing a custom closet for your home can be one of your most rewarding investments. It can help increase the perceived value of your property when you sell it and improve your quality of life. One essential factor you won't want to overlook as you create your ideal custom closet is the lighting you use.

This isn't something you can afford to overlook for your closet oasis. integrated seamlessly into your closet organizer systems, could make or break the feel and functionality of your custom closet — and avoiding closet mistakes is essential.

With that in mind, consider which kind of closet light will best suit your needs, where your closet lighting will go, and how to use each closet light as an integral part of the overall custom closet aesthetic.

Top Choices in Custom Closet Lighting

Though very basic closets tend to offer just minimalist pull-down-string lights, you'll probably want to choose something fresher and more modern. Below are some types of closet lighting to consider including in your custom closet.

Recessed Lights: A recessed light sits flat against the ceiling or wall and doesn't protrude. Recessed closet lights are hidden and can give you a nice, warm glowing effect. Though they aren't necessarily targeted at one specific area (unless you use a recessed spotlight), they can make it generally easier to see.

LED Lights: You'll see plenty of LED lights for a closet in trending custom closet layouts. LED lights offer many advantages. They don't produce the heat of a standard lightbulb and tend to be consistently bright. Plus, they may make it easier to showcase specific areas or treasures, such as your collection of designer handbags.

Track Lights: Want to give your custom closet a museum-quality upgrade and feel? Maneuverable track closet lighting systems enable you to highlight naturally darker places quickly and conveniently. Since they can be manipulated by hand, app, or remote control, they give you tremendous power.

Chandeliers: For a true Hollywood custom closet ambiance, add a chandelier. A single, well-placed chandelier can become a focal point. Everyone who enters your spacious closet will know it's truly a unique asset.

Of course, there are other kinds of closet lighting to consider. Whether you work with a professional custom closet designer or take a DIY route, spend a lot of time examining the lights on the market.

Tips for Placing Your Closet Light for Maximum Effect

Once you've determined your favorite closet lighting for your custom closet upgrade, you'll want to be selective about where each light will go. Some tips to remember as you move through this process are listed below.

  • Avoid putting closet light too close to what you want them to illuminate. Usually, at least six inches to a foot is needed to get the full impact of any lighting fixture.
  • Ensure your closet lighting brightens dark corners and has enough overlap so you aren't left with shadowy spots throughout your closet.
  • Keep lights that will get hot away from clothing, accessories, and anything flammable.
  • Be open to mixing and matching different types of closet lights to give your desired results.
  • Invest in the best closet lights that fit your custom closet design budget. Paying just a few dollars more upfront can mean distinguishing between a good or great closet.
  • Purchase light bulb replacements so you always have them on hand when a bulb goes out. (You can store them in your custom closet!)
  • Test out warm versus cool lights against the colors you will use for your custom closet's walls, ceiling, and other surfaces. Some lights dampen the effects of certain hues, and you'll want to know that in advance.

At this point, you should be ready to start considering which closet lights deserve to have a place in your custom closet refresh project. However, if you need help or want to work with an expert in closet facelifts in Tennessee, contact Artisan Custom Closets. We'd be happy to show you portfolios of our clients' closets so you can see how they used lighting creatively, efficiently, and effectively.


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