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The Top Accessories for Your Custom Closet


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Did you know that outfits aren't the only things that look good with accessories? Closets do too! Anyone can get a custom closet, but not everyone knows about the accessories that become accessible once you get a custom closet. From hanging shelves to a jeans organizer to dividers, there is an accessory for everyone's wardrobe.

The right accessories can elevate your closet look and make day-to-day laundry and choosing outfits easier and quicker. If you want your closet to be unlike anyone else's, keep reading to see what you might need to add to your freshly organized closet.

Hanging Shelves for Closet: If you're looking for a simple yet effective accessory to level up your closet, hanging shelves are the way to go. Hanging shelves for closets can be used as storage organizers attached to a closet rod or hook. They can help you save space and keep your clothes, shoes, bags, and other items neat.

Often, vertical space is forgotten about when it comes to organizing custom closets. If you still need more space after customizing your closet, hanging shelves may be the next thing you need to invest in.

The uses for hanging shelves are endless: They are versatile, come in many different sizes, and come in many colors. Additionally, you can use hanging shelves to lay out your weekly outfits, organize your sunglasses, or even use them as storage for your shoe collection.

Many hanging shelves come with hooks that you can often attach to a clothing rod, and some even come with a clothing rod in case you don't have one. Hanging shelves with an additional clothing bar can help if you hang your bottoms rather than folding them in a dresser drawer. Hanging jeans and pants can help prevent wrinkles, making for quick organization in any closet space.

Closet Shelves: Shelves are an excellent way to organize your custom closet efficiently, whether built-in or added later. When it comes to shelves, you can also choose to add another clothing bar underneath them to hold more items. Clothing bars give you more storage space and can assist in helping you stay organized and stylish.

If you want the organization but want to keep the simplicity, investing in a top-shelf closet organizer will be your best bet because it provides the storage you may need, but it can also fit into the tightest of spaces. When you get a custom closet, you can choose which shelves you want for your closet instead of buying most of them. Additionally, you can have custom shelves for your shoe collection your jewelry collection or even dimply divide up your drawers for neatly placed smaller items.

Jeans Organizer: If you find countless pairs of jeans or even slacks, you must find a way for them to fit inside. There are many ways to store jeans and bottoms, but it depends on where you have space and where you don't. If you find yourself short on closet space, consider getting bins or organizers for under your bed, or if you do have closet space, then consider getting some special hangers to hang multiple pairs of jeans to save space in the long run.

You can also use a drawer space to store your jeans or hang them up by color. Hanging your jeans or other clothing items up by color creates a visual appeal and aids with finding your next-day outfit. These are just some ways to accessorize your closet and make your space your own.

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