Advantages of a Custom Closet over DIY

Advantages of a Custom Closet over DIY


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What are the advantages of a custom closet over DIY?

When you finally decide to renovate your home's closets the first question you need to answer is whether to do it yourself or enlist the help of an expert. After all, both paths will lead to a more organized closet. So how do you determine if the extra cost to go with a custom closet company is worth it? Here's a breakdown of what custom closets deliver that DIY closets don't.


You'll get the advice of experienced and professionally trained designers who are experts at getting you exactly what you want without wasting space, materials or money. They can help you get to the perfect solution quickly without any research on your part. They can steer you towards smarter solutions and away from ideas that have been proven to bring headaches down the road.

Visualize it in 3-D.

Your notepad drawing is fine, but if you want the end result to look just like your vision, you'll be better off seeing it in 3-D. A good custom closet company can help you picture your closet with a customized CAD design, right down to the colors and woodgrain choices, door and drawer face styles, even the decorative hardware. You'll see it finished before you actually see it finished.

No tools. No injuries. No mess.

You've got skills. You've built things before. Not like this. Plan on investing in damaged materials and things that just don't go right. Oh, and the tools. Just a saw and a screwdriver, right? Wrong. You'll need a 4-in-1 screwdriver, circular saw, cordless drill, hacksaw, jigsaw,

level, tape measure, tube cutter, maybe even a bolt cutter for that wonderful wire shelving. Oh, and then there's the oops factor. So, throw in a pack of bandages. And a way to get to the hospital. Just in case.


It takes time. Time away from family. Time away from friends. Plus, with a lot of heavy boards, sometimes it takes two. So now you're eating into somebody elses's time, too. Plus, there's the inconvenience of all your closet things laying in limbo while you finish the job. And if it takes more than one weekend, well, you may encounter a little tension from a certain family member during the week between. Professionals are experts at getting it done in a day or two. They've got all the tools and the crew. And you get your time back.

If you'd like professional help, just contact the experts at Artisan Custom Closets. If you still want to tackle the job yourself, then good luck. But just remember. We'll be here if you need us.


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