Tips for Putting Holiday Ornaments Into Storage

Tips for Putting Holiday Ornaments Into Storage


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Over time, most holiday ornaments become heirlooms. The idea is to store them so they're protected from year to year. Martha Stewart has some ingenious holiday storage tips that will help ensure their continued survival. Including a clever and eco-friendly way to store smaller ornaments using egg containers from the supermarket. The material is designed to insulate fragile spheres, and the overall shape is rectangular, which is much more efficient to store. Wrap each ornament in acid-free tissue paper that contains no dyes or chemicals. Tissue paper is optimal, but you can also use linen sheets or dish towels. Lowes suggests a few holiday storage tips for ornaments:
  • Try to keep the original ornament boxes, which are individually made to protect each ornament. Otherwise, choose storage boxes with adjustable dividers. Wrapping them in small pieces of felt will help cushion them.
  • Don't store fragile ornaments in humid basements or unheated attics. Anywhere else that's designed for storage, use rubber containers that are moisture-resistant and airtight.
  • Under-bed storage boxes are perfect for protecting ornaments. For natural fiber or fabric items, pack them with cedar balls, blocks, or mothballs to repel insects.
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