3 Ways to Organize the Dresser Drawers of Your Custom Closet

3 Ways to Organize the Dresser Drawers of Your Custom Closet


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Artisan Custom Closets
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

You've installed a gorgeous custom closet designed for luxury with built-in dressers. Your next step is to determine how to organize your dresser drawers so every time you dress, it's not a scavenger hunt. Here are some good ideas that will put the drawers in your closet in perfect order:

  • Good Housekeeping suggests that you throw out or give away unused or old items. In a high-end custom closet, nothing will put things in order like getting rid of what you don't use.
  • Make your underclothes and foundation wear like bras, athletic socks, Spanx, and nylons readily accessible for a good beginning every day. Spring-loaded drawer dividers and organizers section off your essentials.
  • Martha Stewart suggests lining your drawers for a barrier against the wood. Non-slip and acrylic drawer liners give you practicality and style. She also likes to use acid-free tissue paper for lining and placing between sweaters.

Artisan Custom Closets knows how to organize dresser drawers. Besides luxury custom closets, we provide an elegant array of drawer dividers for your neckties, socks, and shirts that will make your clothes easier to locate and perfectly pressed. Contact us or call 770-790-5366 for more information.


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