Kimberly  Lassiter 

Kimberly Lassiter 

Senior Design Consultant
Marietta, Georgia

Kimberly is originally from Carrollton, GA but currently resides in East Cobb (Marietta) with her husband and two teenage daughters. A caregiver at heart, she recently completed a 23 year career as a physical therapist that focused on functional recovery of each patient and change in the quality of their lifestyle. Although starting in a new field, Kimberly says there are many similarities to closet design and her past field like establishing direct relationships with clients to improve their functional spaces which will positively change their quality and lifestyle. Kimberly became interested in a custom closet design career by working on her own basement and kitchen design.

Kimberly is passionate about making others feel great by offering a smile or a small kind gesture. She believes in treating others as she would like to be treated. Professionally she strives to make clients feel heard as listening is her most important attribute to great client relationships.

Kimberly enjoys scrapbooking, organization, cooking, travel, and photography along with playing her favorite sports tennis, yoga and water skiing. In her free time, Kimberly loves to watch the Georgia Bulldogs play and attend professional tennis tournaments like the US Open and Wimbledon.