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Adding Custom Design to an Existing Walk-in Closet


Utilize the Extra Space in Your Home with a Custom Closet Designed to Fit Your Needs

A walk-in closet is a bonus to any home. It can be ultra-luxurious or simple and straightforward - whatever fits your aesthetic. And it gives you plenty of space to store and see your clothes, shoes, and accessories. What could be better?

But sometimes, an existing walk-in closet doesn't meet all your storage needs. Maybe it was designed for the previous homeowner, or perhaps it's a generic modular closet that doesn't fit your wardrobe. Despite their size, walk-ins can be inefficient if they aren't designed in a way that makes you want to use the space.

If your current walk-in doesn't work, consider adding a custom design to make it exactly what you need. With the right combination of shelves, drawers, and other fun storage accessories, your walk-in closet can go from "okay" to outstanding.

Why Add a Custom Design To My Closet?

It might seem like closet makeovers aren't as important as other rooms of the home. But there's a lot of value in creating a custom walk-in closet space you love.

A custom closet gives you space to store your everyday clothing and any miscellaneous items that clutter up your bedroom. Belts, hats, bags, jewelry - everything can have a space in a custom closet design. Your wardrobe is unique, and your walk-in closet should be, too!

Unsure of how you might customize your existing walk-in closet? Here are some ideas for ways to take your walk-in to the next level.

Closet Renovation Ideas for Existing Walk-In Closets

  • Add a closet island. A walk in closet island is a fun addition. They usually come with multiple drawers and other designated sections, which is perfect if you have many small to medium-sized items to store. Plus, they're a natural place to store or display jewelry. They also have a way of elevating closet spaces. So if you're looking for a luxury walk in closet feel, a walk in closet system island might suit you..
  • Change up the lighting. Good lighting is key to any closet - especially in a walk-in space. Having natural light is wonderful, but not all closets and storage have windows. You probably rely on your overhead lighting to see your clothes and accessories as you choose your outfit. Make sure these lights are bright enough and don't forget to add extra lighting around other frequently used areas in your walk-in (such as vanities).
  • Build in a hidden hamper. Everyone needs to put their clothes somewhere at the end of the day. Clothes hampers often aren't the most aesthetically pleasing items to have in the corner of your bedroom. A custom-designed closet can incorporate a hamper easily - it could be tucked away in a cabinet or even built on rollers for easy access.
  • Make space for shoes. Shoes are tough to store properly. They often end up shoved to the back of a closet or hidden under a bed, making it difficult to assess your shoe choices when getting dressed. A custom closet design can give you a designated space to store your shoes, whether you have three trusty pairs or an extensive collection. No more rummaging around under the bed for a lost sneaker!
  • Consider adding extras. Most people consider a walk-in closet space for getting dressed and storing clothes. But don't forget the extras that could take your walk-in to the next level. Adding a safe, a full-length mirror, space for seating, charging stations for electronics, or even a fold-out ironing board is possible. This is where creativity truly makes your walk-in closet shine.
  • Use color and style to make it pop. Your closet doesn't have to look like everyone else's - it shouldn't! We have a range of door styles, colors, and decorative hardware to choose from, not to mention countertops and flooring options. Customizing the design features of an existing walk-in is an easy and effective way to upgrade the space.

These suggestions for customizing your walk-in closet are only a starting point. There are many ways to make your closet exactly what you need, whether big or small. Contact Artisan Custom Closets for help with personalizing your walk-in!


How to Maximize Storage Space with a Custom Closet Design