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How Big Does a Walk-in Closet Need to Be for an Island?


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Are you dreaming of a spacious walk-in closet with an island at the center, where you can organize your clothes and accessories like a celebrity? If so, you might wonder how much space you need to make that dream a reality. As it turns out, the size of your walk-in closet can significantly impact an island's functionality and aesthetic appeal. In this blog post, we'll explore how big a walk-in closet needs to be for an island so that you can confidently plan your closet renovation.

Is a Closet Island Necessary?

A closet island can be useful if you still struggle to organize your accessories and are forced to disperse them over your room or on your dresser despite having a large closet. If you can't find the accessories you need when you need them, you might need to spend more money getting more accessories you already have. But with a closet island, you can get more room to put on your shoes, jewelry, ties, underwear, handbags, and nightwear.

However, before starting this project, you should know precisely what you need and why you need it. For instance, for a master room with low storage needs, a master closet island can be overkill. If you don't have the space, adding an island will disrupt the structure of your master's room. This is why it is advisable to determine if a closet island is necessary for you.

How much do you need to get a functionally aesthetically pleasing island for your closet?

A closet island dresser can take up much more space than most people initially anticipate. If you have a small space as soon as the island is put in, the main problem will be finding enough space to walk around the island. To move around the island quickly and utilize the various storage systems, you must provide at least 36 inches of free space on each side.

Once you consider having storage across the walls, you will need at least eight empty linear feet in each direction in the center of your closet. To build a tiny, double-sided closet with cabinets, drawers, or shelves on both sides, you will typically require a room that is at least 12' x 13' in size if you have hanging storage on all four walls.

The room may be slightly smaller for a single-sided island, but not significantly. After all, you still need to leave 36 inches extra for walking and 24 inches across the walls for hanging spaces. If your closet space is less than the recommended 12' x 13' and you insist on having a double-sided closet island in the middle, consider making one wall of the closet entirely shelves. You can fit the walk-in closet system into much less room if the shelving wall is thinner than 24 inches.

How To Get the Most from Your Island Closet

Nothing says luxury like a walk-in closet island. It adds style and sophistication to any room while providing you with the extra storage space you need for your wardrobe. But how can you get the most out of your closet island? Here are some tips for ensuring that your closet island looks excellent and serves its purpose.

Designate the Sections

Your walk-in closet doesn't have to be just one ample open space. By creating distinct sections within your wardrobe, you can easily store different categories of items in their own designated areas.

Consider Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect when it comes to getting the most out of your walk-in closet island. Good lighting is essential for helping you find what you need quickly, so consider installing overhead lights and task lighting around specific areas like vanity mirrors or drawers that require more light than others would need. Additionally, adding a few decorative lamps will give off a cozy ambiance and make getting dressed even more enjoyable!


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