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How Nashville Celebrities Are Designing Their Custom Closets


How To Get A Custom Closet In Your Nashville Home Build

How Nashville Celebrities Are Designing Their Custom Closets

When it comes to designing your perfect custom walk-in closet, no one knows your needs better than you. But why not take inspiration from some local celebrities in Nashville and hop on the trends they are using to make their master closets ooze luxury?

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Vertical Space: How to Make the Most of It

When you think of a luxury master custom closet, you usually imagine a color-coded rainbow of clothes, accessories, and shoes. Singer-Songwriter Jessie James Decker uses multiple shelving options to showcase her rainbow of heels. With over four million followers on Instagram, all eyes are on Jessie's shoe collection, which is used as an example time and time again of the effect rainbow effect and vertical space can have on a luxury walk-in closet.

Vertical space is a trend that is raved about time and time again and is more commonly discussed when looking for aesthetically pleasing visual aids such as labeled baskets, and see-through boxes. One other local celebrity who utilizes high shelving and custom vertical

storage is Reese Witherspoon. The Legally Blonde star has made her space picture perfect and uses her custom closet to store sentimental memories. Why not take inspiration from Reese and organize your photos and memorabilia by using space-saving shelves and vertical spacing?

Top Tip: Make those high shelves even more special by pairing them with some downlighting that will add that luxury master closet aesthetic.

Packing Station: How to Make Your Closet Multi-functional

It's time to talk about custom walk-in closet ideas for someone who is always on the road. Enter, a Grammy award winner and an expertly designed packing station!

Country singer Kasey Musgraves has a flat surface installed over her drawers - and while the main purpose of this custom storage solution is for a dressing table, Kasey raves about how this area makes packing a seamless process. All of her clothes and accessories are within easy reach and stored in a combination of rails and drawers.

If you ever find yourself stressed out at the thought of packing for a trip away, you may need to invest with Artisan Custom Closets Nashville. Let us know if you are feeling inspired by Kasey Musgraves's packing station, and we will include this in your free in-home design consultation.

Walk-in Closet Islands: What Do I Use Them For?

If you are lucky enough to have a luxury master walk-in closet that just has too much space in the middle of it, then an island may be the best design choice for you. Nashville's own Get Organized Star, Clea Shearer, shares a few ideas for how you can utilize this space effectively:

● House large drawers for those items which don't need to be hung up on rails

● Pull out the laundry bin. Where else would be the perfect place to put your clothes at the end of a busy day?

● Integrated seat, that is, unless you already have room for a seat elsewhere in your custom closet.

Why not follow Clea's Closet trends and make use of every inch of space in your custom walk-in closet?

We bet you're feeling inspired now to start planning your own custom closet. Artisan Custom Closets Nashville are experts in helping our clients to make the most of their space, no matter how big or small.

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