Custom-Built Garage Shelving for Kids Sport Equipment

Custom-Built Garage Shelving for Kids Sport Equipment


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Source: Artisan Custom Closets

If your garage resembles a sporting goods store, littered and crammed with balls from sports, skis, sleds, nets, rackets, hockey sticks, bicycles, and a canoe, you're a great candidate for custom storage to eliminate that mess this fall.

In addition to all of your family's sporting equipment, there are a lot of things to organize in every garage and many different ways to accomplish that. Every garage storage system is designed to meet the family's needs. Here are some suggestions that we appreciate:

  • Elle Decor suggests mixing cabinets for putting things away with open shelving. Cabinets also make terrific bases for a workbench area.
  • For closed compartments, shelves, and bins, label everything (you can add pictures to your labels if your children are small).
  • When designing your custom shelving, designate areas for different seasons, keeping the current season's equipment nearest to the door and the floor, and rotate things for easy access. That way, there's no searching for a sled after the first snow; it's in the ready area.

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