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Should I Build My Own Closet Organizer?


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As an avid DIY enthusiast, you might have wondered if you could tackle a large project such as building a closet organizer. Is it even possible? The short answer is "Yes." It is important to note that this project is more suitable for experienced DIY builders. However, if you are new to the world of DIY and are up for the challenge, why not try it?

Should I Build My Own Closet Organizer?

What Is a Closet Organizer?

Before learning how to build a closet organizer from scratch, it might help to define what they are. Closet organizers are more than just a closet. They are effective organizers that help keep your clothing, shoes, and accessories in order. Their special design features, such as shelves, rods, drawers, shoe boxes, and more, achieve this.

A Basic Overview of How to Build A Closet System

Take Measurements

Once you have identified the space where you would like to build, you can then determine how much area you have to work with. After you have made a final decision on where your closet organizer will go, you will need to measure every inch of the space, including the ceiling. Learn more about the size of your closet in this size guide.

Design Your Closet System

This is perhaps the most exciting phase - apart from the finished product. Here, you can design your dream closet organizer to your heart's content. You can draw inspiration from your imagination and photos of luxury or minimalist organizers online. You can even add elements that transform your closet organizer into a personal oasis or one that adapts to your changing needs over time.

When you feel that your design is ready, have a professional designer inspect it to prevent costly mistakes in the long run.

Choose Your Materials

No matter what type of closet you decide to build, choosing the right materials for your project is important.

You can choose from two main materials for your closet: wood or melamine. Wood is a good choice if you want something really sturdy and you want an elegant wood finish. This is also a good option if you love wooden furniture and closets. The benefits include elegant and sturdy shelves. Drawbacks can include a lack of scratch resistance, susceptibility to swelling, and potential mold and rot when exposed to moisture over time.

Melamine is produced by fusing melamine paper with plywood or particle board materials. Melamine is cheaper, lighter than wood, and more durable. The hard surface allows for quick cleaning as well. Melamine is water-resistant; however, moisture can seep in when the material's surface is fractured due to hard contact.

Build Your Closet System

After you have designed your closet organizer and gathered all the materials and tools, it's time to prepare everything. Ensure you have cut all the shelves and other parts beforehand and pre-treat anything that needs conditioning. Follow the instructions to build your shelves, clothes area, shoe section, accessory drawers, and other design components.

When Do I Call In The Experts?

There are two ways that experts can help you complete your dream closet organizer. The first role is to serve as a guiding force while you build your organizer, offering help whenever you need assistance. Need that design streamlined? What is the best way to organize closet space for maximum efficiency? Talking to a professional can quickly provide you with the best solutions.

A professional closet company can handle everything for you - from designing the perfect closet organizer to providing materials and expert builders for installation. This is a great option if you cannot complete the project for any reason or simply don't have the time to commit to such a tedious task.

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