Custom Closet That Adapts to Your Changing Needs

How to Design a Custom Closet That Adapts to Your Changing Needs Over Time


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It's something you can count on: The closet you need today may not be the closet you need tomorrow. However, this doesn't mean you can't engage in creative custom closet designing. It just means you must use a little predictive power to build a closet space that will adapt and fit your lifestyle now and in the future.

Though this might sound overwhelming, you can make the process easier. Just follow a few strategies to ensure your closet upgrade continues evolving.

Pay Attention to Shelving

If you were to examine your closet items, you might be tempted to add enough shelves to store everything properly. However, you might need more, less, or different shelf spaces.

The easiest way to ensure your custom closet can "flex" is by leveraging adjustable closet shelves. With adjustable wall shelving, you can control the size of your shelves and keep changing them season after season.

Make It Simple to Move Closet Rods

You may assume that you know exactly where you want closet rods. Before putting in permanent closet rod fixtures that would be hard to move, weigh the benefits of investing in at least one adjustable closet rod.

An adjustable closet rod can be moved around. Need a rod that's lower to the ground for your pants? No problem: Just reposition your adjustable closet rod. Have many long dresses you wouldn't want brushing the closet floor? Raise your closet rod higher. You can even remove the rod to optimize your storage space when needed.

Include an Island

Nothing could be as versatile as a beautiful, perfectly-sized island for spacious walk-in closets. Ensure your island offers drawers, shelves, and loads of below-the-top places to stash your treasures, trinkets, accessories, shoes, and clothes.

Your island can serve double duty. Initially, it will help you hide clutter so your closet stays tidy. Later, it can be a great place for overflowing from your closets and exposed shelves. Add an electrical outlet to the island for a custom closet Keurig coffee maker for a nice touch. Why shouldn't you enjoy a cup of the finest brew while selecting your next outfit?

Use All Your Vertical Space

The vertical space of a closet is all valuable real estate. Unfortunately, many homeowners excited by the possibilities of a dream custom closet neglect to put shelves, cubbies, or other storage features close to the ceiling. This means they have less chance to maximize their closet, so it's future-proof.

The only caveat to this recommendation is that you must be careful not to block your lights. A high shelf may cast dark shadows where you need brightness the most. Consequently, you'll want to test all upper shelves and hideaway areas to be sure they don't interfere with your lighting design and overall aesthetics.

Get Advice from an Expert

Some professionals design custom closets for a living. Even if you mostly opt for a DIY closet makeover, you may still want to contact Artisan Custom Closets in Nashville. That way, you'll be linked with people who can share their best tips. With their knowledge and insights, you can avoid having a closet that feels cramped, dated, or out of style in a year or two.

Another benefit of working with custom closet experts is access to their client project portfolio. Seeing images of other closets can prompt you to rethink how to organize your spaces. It's not unusual for homeowners to use inspiration from one of the countless Artisan Custom Closet success stories to inform their custom closet build-outs.

A Workable Closet That's Ready for Anything

You can't know exactly how the years will play out or change what you need from your custom closet. Nevertheless, you can be sure you'll have fewer or more things to store. If you transition a bedroom with a custom closet into an impressive home office, you may require a vastly different closet configuration. Considering all your potential needs while in the closet design phase, you'll ensure your closet is ready for anything.


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