Store Winter Clothes to Make Room for Your Spring Wardrobe

Store Winter Clothes to Make Room for Your Spring Wardrobe


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Store Winter Clothes to Make Room for Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is almost here, and that means it's time to start thinking about spring cleaning your wardrobe and your home. Rather than leaving your winter wardrobe in the closet to take up space over the next few seasons, you can store your winter clothes properly so they'll be ready to wear when winter rolls around again.

Before you start stashing those sweaters and scarves, you need the perfect place to store your winter clothes. You might already have a spot in your home for storage, whether it's the garage, basement, attic, or even a spare room. You can also have storage solutions tailor-made that provide you with an easy-to-access space for your seasonal wardrobe and clothing accessories. When you are ready to go through your winter clothing before storing it, consider donating items you don't wear. You should also ensure that all of your winter clothes are stain-free and freshly laundered, and add a lavender satchet or a few cedar chips to keep your clothes smelling fresh in storage. Custom closet solutions are perfect for those who need the extra space but don't have existing closets or storage areas in their homes. For example, you can add compartmentalized storage to a garage to create room for athletic gear, outerwear, and tools, keeping those items from being scattered all over the garage. Custom storage can also be added to any room in your home, or you can convert an existing walk-in closet into a boutique dressing and clothing storage area that is overflowing with storage space. For more information on custom closet storage solutions in Atlanta, contact our team of expert space planners today.


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