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Two-Story Walk-In Closets: Luxury, Functionality, and Design Inspiration


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The two story closet is no longer a mere figment of the imagination but a popular reality in modern home design. It embodies a large luxury walk in closet spanning two floors, merging opulence with practicality. The design offers abundant amenities and superior space utilization, ensuring every item has its rightful spot. When executed well, the visual impact can be breathtaking.

Whether you've acquired a new home or are exploring two story closet ideas, Artisan Custom Closets is your go-to source. We have curated expert ideas for this exciting home improvement project to spark your imagination. A well-designed custom closet significantly enhances the value of your home, making it vital to get it right.

Two-Story Walk-In Closets: Luxury, Functionality, and Design Inspiration

Designing the Space

To ensure the space meets your needs and looks stylish, we recommend treating the two story closet design process like any other room in your home. It's all about infusing your aesthetic into the space while still harnessing that type-A personality that desires order and organization.

Start by considering everything you want to store and how you want to display it. Do you want the space to look like a high-end boutique? Are you thinking more of a "library" of purses, shoes, and apparel, fully equipped with a rolling ladder? Neither one is out of the realm of possibilities. You can easily have a wall of purses, shoes, a display case for jewelry, and racks upon racks of clothing — all built to your specifications. Even a display case for a special gown or wedding dress can be part of the design.

Think about what you hope to achieve while remembering the closet design must still fit your lifestyle.

Furnishing the Space

Remember, you'll be treating the design process like any other room in your home, which means there will be some considerations when it comes to furnishings. Chances are good that there will be room in your two story closet for a chaise lounge, dressing table, island, or vanity if you choose. Some homeowners will even section off a portion of such a massive space for a craft room, with cabinets and drawers dedicated to their leisurely pursuits. There's also the option of bringing in repurposed furnishings, like an old armoire, buffet, or display cabinet, to make the space truly unique, and let's not forget about the mirrors. You may want to go with a three-paneled mirror to see your outfit from every angle.

Coloring the Space

Color is an important aspect of the two story closet design. Consider experimenting with unexpected paint colors. You may even want to design the room with a wallpapered accent wall. Go monochromatic, lean into natural woods, whatever…this space you'll be spending more time in than you might think, so make it your own.

Lighting the Space

Next, you'll want to consider the closet's lighting. You need to be able to see everything in your closet but ask yourself whether some task lighting would be in order. Do you want to highlight certain collections of your wardrobe or accessories? LED light panels behind the built-ins can create an artful display. There's also the option of installing under-cabinet lights to make it easier to see every article of clothing and all your accessories.

Finishing the Space

What closet is complete without some artwork? If you've got the room and plan on spending lots of time in the space, consider devoting some of the wall space to a mini gallery to polish off the look. This can be especially beneficial for art collectors who like to rotate their collections throughout the home.

If you're considering adding a two story closet to your home, we encourage you to contact Artisan Custom Closets to help you create a space that meets your unique needs and style. With a little planning, you can create a luxurious and functional closet.


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