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Custom Design Options: What if I have a unique storage need for my custom closet?


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Don't settle for generic closets that fail to meet your specific storage requirements. Embrace the extraordinary with custom closet solutions tailored exclusively to you. Unlike standard closets designed for the masses, custom designs are born from your vision, transforming spaces into personalized havens of organization.

Imagine a closet that effortlessly accommodates your height differences, with distinct hanging heights for you and your partner. Picture reclaiming an unused guest room and crafting your own luxurious "closet oasis," a sanctuary that becomes the envy of your home. With custom closets, the possibilities are limitless.

What If I Have a Unique Storage Need For My Custom Closet?

Unique storage needs are no problem. They call for unique storage ideas, where custom closet solutions come in. Reputable custom closet installers have a standardized process in which a consultant meets with you to determine your needs, works to design creative storage ideas, manufactures the solution, and then installs it into your space.

Why A Unique Closet Solution?

Every storage need is different. In one situation, there was a full 12-inch height difference between a woman (who happens to be the owner of Artisan Custom Closets) and her husband, which meant their clothing "hang heights" in a closet needed to be entirely different. She was also unsatisfied with the amount of existing closet space in the home, so she gave the existing closet to her husband and created a unique storage solution for herself in an unused guest bedroom, creating a personal "closet oasis" that became her "favorite room in the home."

What Are Some Possibilities for A Unique Custom Clothing Closet?

There is no shortage of creative storage ideas for custom clothing closets. For clothing storage, besides standard features like hanging rods, there is an array of features. Here are a few to spark your imagination.

  • Elite shelving: Instead of boring traditional shelves, your closet could include trendy floating shelves. Or why not consider a dramatic floor-to-ceiling shelf so that your shoes, purses, or clothing can all have space?
  • Tasteful lighting: Many closets are cave-like, designed for quick trips in and out, but rarely a source of enjoyment. But did you know you could add custom task lighting to your closet solution so that you can display your things in the best possible light? Your lighting could even be set up to be controlled with your phone or tablet.
  • Totes and bins: Don't discount the importance of products like totes and closet storage bins to store loose items that are best kept out-of-sight, like out-of-season clothes and shoes or linens.
  • Hooked on an organization: Your custom closet solution can include hooks to hang things like ties and belts, keeping them straight and out of the way but still easily within reach.
  • Custom drawers: Move over, chest of drawers: closet storage drawers can store your socks and unmentionables just as well, in large or small drawers alongside your other clothing, and leave a space in your bedroom for other things. Add built-in dressers, and don't forget the closet drawer organizers.
  • Shoe racks: Get your shoe collection off the floor and into the organized, display-worthy space it deserves. Never step on your shoes or look for that missing mate again.
  • A helpful island: You've heard of kitchen islands, but a closet island? Yes! In larger custom closets, a free-standing island can provide valuable counter space to hold clothing while you get dressed or display select pieces. You can add a jewelry rack so your favorite pieces are always within easy reach.

These are just a sampling of features a walk in closet organizer can offer to solve your unique storage needs. A conversation with a custom closet consultant could be the next step to bringing that closet system to life. Your consultant will listen carefully to your unique storage challenges and work with you to design an equally unique and effective solution. So why not contact one of our expert consultants at Artisan Custom Closets today and get the conversation going? The conversation is always free, and we cannot wait to help you plan your perfect custom storage solution.


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