Deciding What to Hang or Fold in Your New Custom Closet

Deciding What to Hang or Fold in Your New Custom Closet


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To hang or to fold: it is one of the most difficult questions to answer when it comes to divvying up your closet space. Here are some things you should think about when making your decision. If your clothes are made of linen, rayon, or 100% cotton, they will stay wrinkle-free when you hang them up. The same is true with delicate fabrics such as silk, velvet, chiffon, and taffeta as long as you use padded hangers. Conversely, knitted fabrics should be folded. Therefore, sweaters, tops, pants, and dresses are usually better off being folded and stored on shelves or in drawers. Additionally, long evening gowns store better when they are folded because gravity isn't able to distort their shape this way. Whatever you do, do not use wire hangers anywhere in your closet. These can damage and distort clothing. You have spent a considerable amount of your earnings on your wardrobe. It is worth investing in quality wood hangers to protect that investment. When you are ready to have the finest custom closets in Metro Atlanta installed in your home, give Artisan Custom Closets a call at 877-566-7773, and we will be happy to make that happen.


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