How to Properly Store and Care for Sweaters in Your Closet

How to Properly Store and Care for Sweaters in Your Closet


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Storing your sweaters requires special care. They're more fragile, and they need extra attention. There's always a bit of a debate regarding hanging and folding clothes. Cotton, linen, and rayon, tend to hang wrinkle-free; delicates such as chiffon, silk, taffeta, and velvet should be on padded hangers. But a sweater should never meet a hanger. Knitted clothing of any kind, whether sweaters, slacks, tops or dresses, is better off folded and placed in drawers or on shelves, in divided cubbies or plastic containers with cedar balls to protect them from moths. This way, gravity doesn't distort or damage the item as it hangs on a hanger. For extra coddling, separate each knitted fabric with a half-sheet of tissue paper. Cashmere sweaters are even more delicate and need to be protected. They should be carefully folded and stacked away to avoid contact with other surfaces or fabrics, also between sheets of tissue. The integrity of the fibers in Cashmere, as well as its color, necessitates that it be stored far from any heat source or direct sunlight. Contact Artisan Custom Closets for more information about the best closet organization tips regarding storing your clothes for winter and protecting your large investment in your wardrobe.


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