Lighting Ideas for Your Custom-Built Closets in Atlanta

Lighting Ideas for Your Custom-Built Closets in Atlanta


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A chandelier is a great way to add lighting as well as make your closet seem more upscale.

Custom-built closets in Atlanta require effective and stylish lighting. It's something that tends to go unnoticed, beautiful, walk-in closet space, or dressing room that remains dingy and too dark to see the colors of your own clothing. Closets and good storage spaces are essential, especially to your resale value; so don't skimp on good lighting:

  • HGTV suggests that the best lighting for a closet is natural, from a window. The idea is to make the window the center focus of the space so you can accurately discern colors and hues; however, that won't help you at night, and few closets have windows.
  • We like the assortment of illumination designs for elegant closets on Everything from flood lamps for broad lighting, to diminutive track lighting, to unique ceiling fixtures with high-tech, cool-running LED's suggest the huge array of lighting alternatives.
  • A celebrity trend in closet lighting is the chandelier. Nicky Hilton, Mariah Carey, and Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas have them; why not you?

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