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5 Bookshelf Styling Tips: Home Library Ideas


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Bookshelf Styling Tips: Home Library Ideas

In the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo talks about the importance of only keeping things in your home that "spark joy." You know, the things that make you happy when you see them. Like a good piece of art, a trinket from a memorable trip, or maybe even your favorite book.

Now, while Marie may be referencing material possessions, we think the same philosophy can be applied to design. After all, your home should be a reflection of you and what makes you happy. You want to be able to walk into a room and feel instantly at peace, like everything has been carefully curated just for you. You want to look around and see things that make you smile, things that represent who you are.

So today, we're going to be talking about bookshelves. More specifically, how to style them in a way that reflects your personal taste and creates a warm and inviting space. Because, let's face it, bookshelves have a tendency to get a little... messy. A little cluttered. A little too "lived in."

But with a few simple tips, you can transform your bookshelves into a beautiful display that is both stylish and functional, all while perfectly reflecting your unique personality.

Are you ready to learn more? Let's get started!

Bookshelf Styling

Starting with the basics, let's talk about bookshelf styling tips. This is probably the most important step, as it will set the tone for the rest of your design.

There are a few things you'll want to keep in mind when styling your shelves.

  • First, consider the architecture of the room. Is it traditional or modern? Do you have high ceilings or low? These factors will impact the style of shelving you choose, as well as the items you put on them.

  • Next, take a look at the items you already have. What is your collection like? Do you have mostly books? Knick-knacks? Pictures? Artwork? Figurines? A mix of everything? It's essential to consider the items you'll be displaying, as this will dictate the size and type of shelving you need.

  • Finally, think about your personal style. Do you prefer a more minimalist look? Or are you drawn to rustic, vintage pieces? Do you like things to be perfectly organized, or do you prefer a more "lived in" feel?

Once you've answered these questions, you'll have a better concept of what kind of home library idea will work best for you. Ensure that the shelving you choose fits both the items you want to display and the overall aesthetic of your home.

Hint: If you're having trouble deciding on a style, try looking for inspiration on Pinterest or Houzz. Chances are, you'll be drawn to a particular type of shelving. This will give you a good starting point for your own design.

Now that we've gone over the basics, let's take a look at some specific bookshelf styling tips.

Bookshelf Styling Tips and Organization

Tip #1 Start with a blank slate.

Before you start styling your shelves, it's essential to clear them off completely. This will give you a fresh canvas to work with, and it will help you get a better sense of the items you have to work with. Then, once everything is off the shelves, take a step back and assess what you have.

Do you need to get rid of anything? Do you have enough of certain items to make a cohesive display? This is also a good time to consider whether or not you need to buy anything new. Maybe there's a particular book you've been wanting to read, or a trinket that would help tie the whole display together.

Start with a blank slate, and then slowly add back in the pieces that you love. This will help you create a shelvescape that is both stylish and functional.

  • Hint: If you're short on storage space, consider getting rid of items that you don't use or need anymore. For example, if you have a lot of books that you've already read, contemplate donating them to your local library.

Tip #2 Know your proportions.

When bookshelf styling, it's important to keep proportion in mind. This is especially true if you have a lot of different items that you want to display. A good rule of thumb is to use odd numbers when styling your shelves. Odd numbers tend to look more pleasing to the eye, and they help create a sense of balance.

Start by grouping similar items together. For example, if you have a collection of vases, try putting them all in one section. Then, add in some smaller items to fill in the gaps. This could be anything from candles to picture frames to plants.

Remember, the key is to create a sense of balance. If one section looks too heavy, try moving some of the items around until it looks more visually appealing.

Tip #3 Create visual interest.

Tip number three is all about drawing the eye. When styling built-in bookshelves, it's important to create visual interest. This can be done in a number of ways, but one of the simplest is by using different heights.

Try grouping items of different heights together. For example, you could put a tall vase on one side and a stack of books on the other. Or, you could put a small sculpture on a higher shelf and a potted plant on a lower shelf.

By using different heights, you can create a more dynamic display that is visually interesting.

Tip #4 Add in some personal touches.

One of the best things about bookshelf styling is that you can really make the shelves your own. This is your chance to inject a little bit of personality into your home décor. Choose items that reflect your interests and taste.

If you're a book lover, try adding in some of your favorite novels. Or, if you're an avid traveler, consider displaying some souvenirs from your trips. You could even frame some family photos or artwork to add a personal touch.

A solid home library idea is to make the shelves a reflection of you and your interests. Only then will they truly feel like your own.

Tip #5 Use neutral colors.

Have you ever heard the phrase "less is more"? Well, when it comes to bookshelf styling tips, this couldn't be more true. Sometimes, the simplest designs are the most effective.

Try using a neutral color palette for your shelves. This could be anything from white to cream to grey. By sticking with neutral colors, you can create a calming and inviting space. Plus, it will be much easier to style the shelves in a way that is both pleasing to the eye and functional.

If you do want to add a pop of color, consider doing so with accents. This could be anything from colorful books to vibrant plants. You can even use colorful accessories to add a touch of personality.

  • Hint: If you're unsure where to start, try using the 60-30 rule. This means that 60% of your shelves should be a dominant color (like white or cream), and 30% should be a secondary color (like grey or green). That way, you can still add in some color without making the shelves feel too busy or cluttered.

Need Some Help?

We don't blame you. Styling a bookshelf can be tricky, especially if you're starting from scratch.

If you need some help getting started, feel free to reach out to us at Artisan Custom Closets. Our experts can help you create a completely custom bookshelf that is as unique as you are.

We'll turn your home library idea into a reality, and we'll even give you some tips to help you style the shelves. Book a free consultation today, and let us show you what we can do. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

If you're looking for some additional inspiration, be sure to check out our blog. We have a number of articles that explore how to best utilize your custom storage solution.

We hope this article has been helpful. Happy styling!


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