6 Tips for Getting Your Garage Organized

6 Tips for Getting Your Garage Organized


The Best Way to Clean Out Your Closet

You're lucky if you are part of the 87 percent of U.S. homes with a garage or other vehicle shelter. However, do you really know what's in your garage? Garages often become storage areas for anything you can't cram into your home. These tips from Atlanta custom closet storage solutions professionals will help get you get organized.

Steps for Organizing a Garage

Sometimes the hardest part is just beginning. These six steps make the process easier:
  • Use all ceiling and vertical space possible. First clear junk off the floor. Leave enough room to park and get in and out of any vehicles housed in the garage. If you have a small garage, consider adding a storage shed.
  • Before you reorganize, remove everything from the garage. Think of your garage as brand new space that you can optimize to your preference. Would you like a workshop along one wall? Can you envision a section for all the family's bike accessories?
  • Make the "Big 3" Decisions. Decide what you'll keep, what to toss and what you'd like to donate.
  • Arrange like items in a group. It makes things much easier to find.
  • Determine each section's purpose. For multipurpose space, create zones specifically for fishing tackle or sports equipment, for example.
  • Label as much as you can. Looking for those long screws you saved? Check the label on each bin or drawer.
The task of organizing a home closet, pantry, or garage is sometimes overwhelming. Hiring a professional closet organizer will alleviate the stress and ensure an efficient process. They will survey your priorities and desires, take inventory of your storage needs, and carefully measure the space to maximize its potential. With the help of custom garage storage systems, provided by the experts in Atlanta, you can experience a quicker and more effective organization solution. Take a moment today to call and schedule an appointment with the professionals who are experts at creating Atlanta custom closets.


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