Closet Organization Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Closet Organization Ideas to Maximize Your Space


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A custom closet can go a long way toward helping you get more organized in your home. However, you need some strong closet organization ideas to really get the most out of the project. Having built thousands of custom closets over the years, we have some recommendations to think about when you're coming up with ideas for your dream custom closet.

Take Inventory to Determine Your Custom Storage Space

Walk-in Closet System: Take Inventory to Determine Your Custom Storage Space. Your custom closet should reflect your specific needs. When we're trying to figure out what you're going to need, our designers will take stock of what you own and intend to store in your custom closet. If you own a lot of shoes, then we'll take that into account and think about a special storage area that can house your shoes. Or maybe you want a specific area to organize your accessories, or you need an area for organizing work clothes. The final closet should represent your lifestyle and what you plan to store there for it to properly meet your needs: we'll base all designs on what you own, and what you need.

Make Sure Your Custom Closet Has Everything You Need to Get Ready

A nice custom closet is the space you'll spend some time in getting ready for the day, so make sure that you've got everything that you're going to need there. There's no sense in having a custom closet if you're just going to pull things out of it and sit on the bed to get dressed. Consider adding a chair or seating inside the closet so you can get dressed. Even a simple bench does the job. Leave space for a mirror, to help as well. Lighting is important: a large closet doesn't look great in dim lighting, and it's hard to get dressed in the morning if you can't see yourself very well. Think about lighting features that let you see your outfits clearly. You don't have to limit yourself to purely practical items either: keep a space for some photos of your family, or other personal items that make the space feel more like yours.

Use Two Levels of Hangers to Pair Outfits

For clothes that you wear often, such as clothes for work or for socializing, consider storing them on two levels of hangers: one rod around waist height, the other higher up so that you can pair outfits on the hangers. Hanging jeans and pants on the lower rod with shirts and jackets on the higher rod can let you see what your outfit will look like together before you spend the time trying it on. You can even plan a series of outfits for the week and leave them hanging in order on the rods. Adjust the height of the rods to suit you. Using two rows also makes the most of the vertical space available to you, allowing you to store more clothes on the same wall.

A custom closet can help you get organized in your home with a space perfectly suited to you. If you're interested in having a custom closet built, contact Artisan Custom Closet and our team of experts will help you get started!


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