Creative storage Solutions for Closets

Creative Storage Solutions for Small Closets


Closet Upgrade: Maximizing Space for Shoe Storage

When it comes to small closets, maximizing storage space can be quite challenging. But fret not; if you're creative with your storage solutions, you can get the most out of your compact space. 

First, you can use various tools and hacks to organize your belongings. Any space between the floor and ceiling is great for small closets. Let's explore Artisan Custom Closet's innovative storage ideas to get boutique inspired closets at your home without wasting much space. 

Shelf Dividers 

Are you still stack-piling clothes in a small closet? DON'T! Because this clutters your closet and leaves them wrinkled - especially sweaters.

Use shelf dividers to create a storage closet with shelves and organize your clothes. You'll find the clear ones at an affordable price. These are cheap storage solutions that fit almost every wardrobe. You can also sort your outfits by color, season, or type. This allows you to access them easily and maintain the desired department-store vibe. 

Door Organizer

Adding a hang-over-the-door organizer can increase the storage space inside your compact closet. This usually has fabric or plastic pockets to hold various items. You can store shoes, gloves, extra toiletries, etc. And it's affordable!

Storage Bins

Storage bins are an excellent option, with cubby-style shelves in your closet. It helps keep your items visible and easily accessible, avoiding the risk of being forgotten in the depths of the shelf. You can pull out a container and look for your desired item. Storage bins can be made of different materials like plastic, woven, or fabric - pick whichever suits you the best. 

Extra Shelves

Use a top shelf closet organizer to add extra space to your closet. This is a relatively inexpensive way of extending your wardrobe. But if money isn't an issue, you can go for closet remodeling to extend your shelves to the ceiling. Since shelves closer to the ceiling are difficult to access, it's recommended to only store items hardly used on the upper-level shelves.  

Wall Space

You can also use the walls of your closet if the space is too small to occupy all your clothes and belongings. You can hang items like bags, jewelry, and hats on walls.

Hanging Shelf

Free up some space from your closet by creating hanging shelves on the wall. This kind of shelf can be used for multiple purposes. The top of the shelf can be used to store boxes, shoes other items, and below, you can use a closet hanger organizer to hang up your clothing. 

Clear Boxes

You can get clear boxes to store your shoes individually. This looks neat and saves space inside your closet. Simply keep the boxes with shoes on top of the shelf or on the ground. Stack them one after one. Since the boxes are clear, you can immediately find your shoes without opening each box. 


Accessories, perfumes, purses - these are small but can occupy a lot of space inside a closet. Storing them in an organized way might feel like a hectic job. But a tray can be of your help! You can use a tray to keep small items. If needed, place boxes on the tray to store the tiny items or keep things separated. A tray can save space, keep things organized, and appear like the decor when used creatively. 

Drawer Dividers

When you have drawers or a dresser in your closet, keeping them organized without mixing the space is tough. That's where drawer dividers come in! These are magical storage solutions to keep things organized and separated in your closet. Stretchy fabric-made dividers are best for storing more items. 

Consider under-shelf baskets

If your closet has shelves, use the space underneath them by installing under-shelf baskets. These baskets attach to the bottom of the shelf and create additional storage for small items like socks, undergarments, or accessories. They are easy to install and help keep your closet tidy and organized.

Final Words

A small closet doesn't have to mean limited storage options. When you adopt creative means to organize and maximize your closet, you can spare extra space to keep your belongings in the right place. But if things are too complicated and messy, call professionals to build a Custom-Designed Closet Storage Systems for your home. We offer free custom closet design consultation at Artisan Custom Closets, so schedule yours today! 


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